Monday, 5 October 2020

Winding for Stash Gauging

 This long weekend, I found myself clearing out cupboards, purchasing wardrobe space-mapping contraptions and organising the crap out of my yarn stash.

Selection of wound balls, including a tiny back ball with white and apricot balls before winding. 

What I found in all of this was a whole bunch of wound balls that had been partially used for projects, but also grabbed randomly for swatching, so I had no idea how much yarn was in each, but they all looked about the same. I figured I'd chuck them back on the ball winder to tidy things up and was pretty surprised how small some of them were. The black ball was the most surprising, and inspired me to take some pics. It looked pretty similar to the apricot ball before I wound it and it came together so teensy tiny!

So here's the after pic of the white and apricot yarns. All of these are the same yarn in different colourways, and I think the tension was pretty even on all of them as I was winding. 

Complete collection of tidy, wound balls now more indicative of their yardage.

It's not nearly as helpful as actually weighing balls, but it's so nice when eyeballing one's stash for ideas to have a more accurate look at about how much is sitting there.

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